What’s in store Tomorrow?

On 18th May 2017, we’ll be at this Southampton screening of the film Tomorrow. This powerful documentary looks at how we could address climate change with positive action.

Hosted by the University of Southampton’s Festival of Doctoral Research and Transition Southampton, the community fair is between 5 and 7pm and the film will be screened at 7pm.

Tickets are available here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pgr-fest-tomorrow-demain-film-screening-tickets-32880317916?aff=es2

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Creative places update

Creative Places continues to develop!

We’re working on our map, to show you where you can go in Southampton if you want to experience a unique and interesting independent cafe, bar or shop which puts creativity and community at its heart.

We’re having some really interesting discussions with different independent venues in the city about how our creative places project can meet their needs. We’ve started the creation of cross-venue loyalty card. It will encourage people to try different creative places, and help build that sense of community between indies. If you run or are part of a creative place in the city, do get in touch.

We continue to share interesting events and updates  from the city’s indies via our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Do get in contact with your own updates on Southampton’s creative and community scene.

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We’re on Facebook and Twitter

So since we set up this website last week, we’ve also arranged a Facebook page and Twitter. Please do follow us or tweet to us.

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Getting our ducks in a row

So here we are. This project, Creative Places, is being set up to support and strengthen those locally-owned businesses and social enterprises that provide places for Southampton’s creative, community activity to flourish. We know that our South Coast UK city is teaming with creativity and sociable places, but it seems that, as a city, we’re not that good at telling people about them.

Over the next few weeks, we will be establishing this website and our social media presence and also making more connections with people and places in the Southampton area.

We started 2017 with a meeting in The Art House cafe in Southampton’s Above Bar organised by Dangerous Ideas Southampton. Many of us in the city were dismayed by the loss of The Notes Cafe, a new start up that was doing amazing things to encourage music, poetry and had hosted events for Southampton’s first Festival of Sustainability. But the cafe struggled to survive, with crippling overheads and just not enough punters through the doors. Had it been able to continue for a few more months, or had a bit more support in setting it up, then perhaps it could have reached break-even point quicker.

The reality is, these smaller venues are crucial to our city. They provide an important point of contact for local people. They are a way into other community and creative activity, their social impact is often extraordinary. They are an asset that must not be overlooked.

We are collating our list of Creative Places venues. There are many places in Southampton which provide an important creative and community function, and we need to plot them all on a map to share here, perhaps develop into a printed map too. We will also be developing practical project ideas and events to bring people together on the journey of discovery.

So would you like to be part of our evolving project? Contact us to keep updated and help us fulfil Creative Places potential.

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